CBD POWER Drops 2500mg 30ml

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If you have tried the 500mg and 1000mg CBD Isolate Oils and they have not improved your physical or mental struggles you must try our 2500mg Full Spectrum CBD/Hemp Oil, it’s the workhorse of our pure extracts lineup. A bigger dose of ALL the CBD’s can be the difference between a tired painful day and a great day. Supports your overall mental and physical health by giving your own Endocannabinoid system a big boost of Cannabinoids in our pure, 100% natural, 3rd party lab-tested, easy to absorb and fast-acting CBD/Hemp.

Everyone’s system reacts slightly different to CBD/Hemp extracts. Many clients only need a half dropper 2 to 3 times a day, while others say a full dropper brings them even more relief. Let us know what dosage works for you.

  • No side effects ALL NATURAL – No High – No Chemicals
  • 0.03% THC and ALL of the Medicinal Cannabinoids
  • No preservatives – No Artificial Ingredients
  • Legal To Purchase in all 50 States

Please let us know how this strength works for you!


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